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Fitness Cafe - Health & Wellness Chat Room

Welcome to the FIT Launch "Fitness Cafe"

This is a health, wellness and exercise chat forum for fitness professionals, clients, enthusiasts, athletes, and related who are interested in health & wellness chat..  We hope this makes for a nice meeting place for regular visitors as well as an educational opportunity for us all.  Discussions generally include fitness chat, trainers chat, and general health chat.  While we know fitness chat rooms, just like any other chat room can take on a life of their own we primarily focus topics to the realm of health and fitness.  Don't worry, we will not bump a visitor for making friends and discussing topics other than fitness.

Chat Features Current Disabled - You can still head to the Fitness Pro Community to network with tens of thousands of fitness and sport professionals

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Chat Rule
Type unto others as you'd have them Type unto you.
Inappropriate chat content may cause the banning of member from the fitness chat cafe.

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Lots new in the Fitness Pro Travel program. I suggest you head over and create an account there whether professional or enthusiast.


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