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FIT Launch is recognized as a Continuing Education Specialist, Faculty and Master Practical Trainer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  We provide educational workshops for kickboxing fitness workshop ACE, FIT Launch, Resist-A-Ball® and other local, national, and international organizations & clubs.   We acknowledge the need and importance of maintaining your certifications.  We encourage group instructors, personal trainers, and wellness directors to keep their skills current with trends, to keep abreast of changing national standards, and most importantly, educating & motivating your students / staff on these issues.  Below are a current list of FIT Launch continuing education (CEC) workshops and lecture services. 

Personal Training
Sport Conditioning Programs

Host a workshop at your facility and receive discounts for all your instructors!


Lectures and Speaking Engagements

Step 2 It!  (2 hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)

Step 3X4  (4 hr., 0.4 CEC ACE)

Stretched Out Strength (2hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)

Stretched Out Strength on the Ball (2hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)

20/20/20 - Total Ball Conditioning (2 hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)

Play Ball© (3hr., 0.3 CEC ACE)

Ball Postures (2 hr., 0.2 CEC ACE)

Yoga Flow (2hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)

M-Powered  (2hr., 0.2 CEC ACE)

Practical Magic  for the floor (3 hr, 0.3 CEC ACE)

Practical Magic for the step (3 hr, 0.3 CEC ACE)

H.E.A.T. - High Energy Aerobic Training (2 hr., 0.2 CEC ACE)

USFIT - Beginning Group Fitness Instructor Training (28 hours)

ACE - Group fitness practical training (15 hours, 1.5 CEC ACE)

ACE - Personal trainer practical training (15 hours, 1.5 CEC ACE)

Youth Training and Conditioning    (2hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)              

Healthy Back, Happy Back  (2hr, 0.2 CEC ACE

Do You Want to Dance?! - (2hr, 0.2 CEC ACE)

Resist-A-Ball® Certifications and Workshops (CECs ACE, ACSM & NDEITA, AFAA, NASM, AEA)

Wondering if we know what we are talking about?  The best way to tell is by attending a workshop.  Until then check out a few of our references, and meet our staff.

  Aerobic education workshops


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