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Hosting a Workshop or Lecture
at Your Facility

Hosting an educational program for your trainers and instructors will enhance your facility beyond the simple attainment of required continuing education credits for your certified staff.  It will build moral amongst your employees and respect from your clients.

We will work with your organization to provide our listed fitness education programs or develop a specific program to meet the specific needs of your company staff. 

FIT Launch is also recognized as a Regional Master Trainer for the Resist-A-Ball company and Master Instructor Faculty for the American Council on Exercise.  Programs provided for each of these companies may carry further continuing education credits as well as certification.

Our programs are adaptable for "in-house" only trainings or "open" trainings, which allow outside instructors to attend an educational event at your facility.  We will assist in making the entire program easy by handling all marketing, paperwork, and registration.

  • What is required to have FIT Launch present at our facility?

  • A studio, or gym big enough to house between 15 and 40 participants (preferably mirrored), a stereo system which includes a microphone, some equipment (depending upon which training you will sponsor), and most importantly approval from gym owner/manager. We also need to have a contact person for each facility whose name may appear on FIT Launch literature, and who is available the day of the training to help out with set-up, and general housekeeping details.
  • What will it cost us to host a program?
    Costs will depend upon the function of the event.  We offer two primary programs for lecture and workshop programs:
    • "Per Registrant" - Will allow for minimal costs to the facility.  One free facility registration or 15% off each facility staff person attending the event.  FIT Launch will provide all marketing and receive all registrations.  Host facilities are required to make a $75 deposit to schedule the event.  Deposits will be returned to the facility if minimum participant numbers are met.  If minimum numbers are not met the deposit is fore-fitted.
    • "Flat Rate" programs - Allow the facility the assurance of the selected programs running as scheduled.  Rates will vary depending upon distance of travel, number of day(s) requested, and number of program hours provided.  Facilities may choose to cover these costs for their staff or open the training up to outside professionals and charge their own fee.  At the facilities request FIT Launch will handle all registrations and financials for a 5% processing fee.

Fees vary depending upon location, education type and number of programs to be provided.  You will have a full breakdown of fee options provided upon your request for further information.  Take a look at our education program options and contact our office by phone or email to schedule the workshops of your choice.

For further information on workshops, lectures or hosting options...

Contact Us:
Amy Bomar, Education Director
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Fitness Host Needs:

A facility that has a specific type of room(s) that can accommodate the type of workshop you choose to host.  The room must be in adequate condition, and free from noise or distractions in order to ensure quality education.  Facility's of interest may include fitness centers, wellness departments, educational settings, or health care organizations.

Your hospitality at the event.  We require a representative at the workshop or event to be present during all aspects of the workshop.  This ensures the high quality of the event, and allows our trainers to concentrate on their presentations while facility representatives can take care of access and help with equipment.

Post information about the training within your facility.  Pass the information along to all your instructors, trainers, and fitness staff.  Be able to provide directions to the club when registrants call for information on facility location.  Additional advertising assistance is appreciated but not required.


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Host an open training and get one free admission or 15% off for each of the facility pro's who register.

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