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For your reading and wellness benefit we provide you the below articles.  All article topics consist of current, accurate and relevant information for the fitness enthusiast.
Healthy Meal Articles

You can find many self proclaimed health and fitness "experts", especially out here in the cyber world. Becareful in the resources you utilize.  Also, be sure to get more than one opinion as there is no One Answer that fits everybody when it comes to health and wellness programing.

Finally, we encourage you to contact with questions you may have or health & fitness article topics you would like covered.  We have numerous articles that have been featured on and are always happy to cover a new health and fitness topic .

To Reprint: If you would like to utilize any of our articles for your clients, employees, or fellow staff... just let us know.  We will willingly provide you will reprint rights once we have supplied you with a current author bio line to be included.

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Group Fitness Class Designs

Is that My Body Talking?

Diets Fail

Abdominal Fitness

Resistance Training Benefits

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herbal supplement article
   Effects of Skipping Meals

herbal supplement article

Winter Weight Gain

More Health & Fitness Articles for the enthusiast and the Fitness Professional

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